Advanced Realty Concepts, Inc.

| Serving Colorado Springs, CO
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Property Management Services

Our services are complete and include:

  • Tenant screening and qualifying
  • Intake and continual updated photos and condition reports
  • Move in and move out service coordination
  • Timely rent collection
  • Bill payment, accurate invoicing, documentation monthly, which can be customized to an owners’ preference.
  • Legal counsel and processes incase there is a need.
  • Providing the day to day operational requirements for running your business.
  • Market referrals for sale of your investment
  • Security deposit accountings
  • We provide a complete lease and work with in its guidelines.
  • Coordination with owners regarding market assessments, value of the property and condition on a frequent basis.
  • Advertising on your behalf geared to the most active and responsive sectors of the market. We do advertise “on the web” and thru AHRN since our market is very militarily geared.
  • Emergency maintenance and response
  • Continual education through NARPM and the Real Estate Commission.
  • Secure Trust accounting of your funds.
  • Property planning for large maintenance jobs as well as for emergencies.

Owner Feedback

Just to let you know you guys have been great to us! The business relationship over the years has been wonderful. I know you can not solve everything and you can not see into the future, but one thing we can count on is that you are there to partner with me and my wife. I know that if you make a mistake, your company owns it, and works hard to fix it, and you keep the interest of the customer first.
~ Miguel O.