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We are honored to have the owners that we represent in managing their investments. We believe in involving our owners to the extent they wish in the management of their homes and properties. We recognize the excellent service and communication is the foundation which forms long term relationships and referral business in a competitive market that is the greater Colorado Springs area. We have formed long term relationships with companies who provide services and needed maintenance to our homes, so that owners can depend on quality services at competitive prices. Because of our relationship with one company, our owners actually enjoy a volume/ discounted labor rate compared to the open market. We are always working towards increasing profitability, while providing excellent service at a competitive price.

Owner Feedback

Marite and I have been with Advanced Realty Concepts (ARC) since 1989. Now ask yourself why would anyone trust their rental property to a company that long and not be satisfied? The company does a tremendous job with their drive-by inspections, dealing with tenant complaints, and most importantly, collecting and depositing the monthly rent in our account. Another qualifier is the companies they select to do the required maintenance are qualified and insured. ARC allows us to be involved in setting lease prices and renewal agreements. They are always readily available by email or telephone.
Jim Arnold